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Bulk SMS - Every organization or company lookout for a method or ways to be in touch with its clients or customers, so that they can keep their customers and clients updated about their latest products, launches, offers and releases. The most wide spread and effective way of communicating today is either via internet or via mobile services. Our company solves the problem of mass communication without spending most of your earnings by providing you our bulk SMS services.

These days’ companies which adopt new ways and applications to provide their services, always want to target the largest number of clients to serve. Bulk SMS provides a platform where any person or business can send customised SMS to several group/single numbers. It can be known as the way through which an organization can market its product and services. This is the most cost effective way and provides an additional plus point of reaching maximum clients at once. Through our bulk SMS service you can increase the ways to advertise your business for better sales.

Bulk SMS services can now also be generally used for invitation purpose for events like:

  Political Meetings
  Social Clubs
  Wedding ceremony
  Church Meetings
  Business Follow Up
  Product Follow Up

The Bulk SMS software application is built for composing and sending instant plus unlimited text messages, greetings, invitations, business advertisement, mass recruitment notification and job alerts, mobile marketing campaign. This way is also designed to notify the customers of deals or for promotion of products and different types of events being organised. The bulk SMS is significant and trouble-free way to be in contact to your employees, friends, clients and even relatives.

Orange media solutions is can be your bulk SMS provider with the power of communicating to your clients, customers, employees, etc. in bulks SMS from any internet enabled computer or smart phone. Our most leading bulk SMS service can help make your campaigns reach people easily and get impressive results out of it. You can see the effect of our combined hard work and technology with your own eyes. A daunting figure of 13000 businesses today use our bulk SMS services to send high volumes of messages quickly and reliably.

We can proudly say that we are the best bulk SMS provider in Delhi and India. Even our clients agree that we are the best bulk SMS service provider and approve of our constant efforts in helping them advertise their thoughts. Our support team is available 24x7 at your disposal, whenever there is any requirement of bulk SMS services we will always be happy to help you. There are many bulk SMS providers but what makes us the best is our services which can generate a constant lead for our clients with diverse backgrounds. We can assure you that our bulk SMS services are available at a very cost efficient pricing and are very easy to use, this makes our services the best bulk SMS in Delhi presently.

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